The game begins in 1220. Each player will have a magus who gauntleted in 1200, plus various grogs and companions.

Each magus needs a background reason for being in the Transylvanian Tribunal, with a willingness to carry out a mission for the Tribunal Praeco (AKA House Tremere…)

The mission: To investigate the current situation concerning the Teutonic Knights in the Tribunal. Firstly, to determine their short- and long-term goals and the methods and actions they intend to take to achieve those goals; secondly to recommend a course of action for the Tribunal to follow in response to the Knights; and thirdly (where appropriate) to implement that course of action.

Requirements: At least one magus of House Tremere and at least one magus who is skilled in diplomacy and mundane interactions.

House rules: 5th Edition Ars Magica
1)Members of House Tremere do not get a magical focus in certamen – instead they get the equivalent of ‘Puissance’ in certamen (a flat +3 to both attack and defence rolls).

2) House Temere sets up Hermetic Laboratories in a standard way, making them easier for magi to use without spending seasons re-setting them up. A lab that has already been set up has the normal -3 penalty, but a magus gets to roll Magic Theory to use it versus an ease factor based on the quality of the lab:

Bonus/Feature Ease Factor
+0 (a normal lab): ease factor 6 to reduce the penalty by 1; e.f. 9 by 2; 12 to zero (subsequent seasons, ease factor reduces by 3 per success already achieved. ie if penalty is -2, then getting a Magic Theory roll of 9 eliminates the entire -2).

+1 bonus: ease factor of 9
+2 bonus: ease factor of 12 (but if you have already got the +1, then getting the next +1 has an ease factor of 9.


3) Wards do not need to penetrate; instead a warded creature/power/spell needs to penetrate the ward.

Knight Quest