Knight Quest



In 1211, King Andrew II of Hungary invited the Teutonic Order into part of his country. Their remit was to occupy the ‘Burzenland’ and defend it against incursions from the Cuman Confederacy.

The knights, under their leader Brother Theoderich, set about building villages for saxon settlers and constructing forts to protect and control the territory. By 1220, they have 5 large stone castles (centred around Kronstadt (modern name of Brasov)) and numerous wooden & earthworks forts.

They appear to be doing a solid job for King Andrew.

However, the Order of Hermes is worried about their presence in the heartland of the Transylvanian Tribunal (and House Tremere). The Pope has charged the Teutonic Order with investigating heresy and diabolism. They are already executing any heretics they find within the Burzenland and are starting to interfere within the rest of Hungary; King Andrew has been requested by the Pope to rid his Kingdom and the surrounding lands of members of the ‘Patarian Heresy’ and is gathering knights for a ‘minor crusade’ – the Teutonic Order will certainly wish to participate.

Therefore, Archmagus Albertus Tremeris, Praeco of Transylvania, invites magi to investigate the Teutonic Order on his behalf.



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