Knight Quest

The Mission

Archmagus Albertus of Tremere, Praeco of Transylvania, requires magi to carry out the following mission.

To investigate the current situation concerning the Teutonic Knights in the Tribunal. Firstly, to determine their short- and long-term goals and the methods and actions they intend to take to achieve those goals; secondly to recommend a course of action for the Tribunal to follow in response to the Knights; and thirdly (where appropriate) to implement that course of action.

It is important that the Code of Hermes is not broken or even perceived to be broken in any way.

Albertus offers payment in the form of any combination of vis, books about Arts and associated Hermetic abilities, or permanent settlement within the Tribunal for successfully completing the mission. There is an upfront payment of 100 pawns of vis to be shared between participating magi for attempting the mission. The size of the final payment will depend on the degree of success achieved.

Additionally, magi conducting this mission will have the option of joining the oppidum (read the tribunal book for the real meaning of this word, but it represents ‘group’ or ‘camp’) of Kezdo Valaz on a temporary basis.
The benefits of doing so are: there will be magi and extra resources available to call upon if needed; the downside would be: their leaders (Essedarius and Leona of Tremere) would be entitled to interfere and issue orders.



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